Independent Motel in Hershey PA


22 Rooms motel including some suites in Hershey, PA 17033.
The property is close to Hershey Park.

Asking price of this motel is $2,000,000.


*operated as flag till July 31st and is independent from Aug 1, 2017

The new owner since 2015 due to his illness could not do better and passed away few months of take over. The family is not equipped to run the hotel as it is  currently being managed  by the wife because the children are not available to work at the hotel hence put for sale. Out of 22 rooms 7 rooms are triple bed suites.  The Motel has an indoor swimming pool.  There is  good access and close to PA turnpike.

This hotel is in the proximity of Hershey park and provides good opportunity for the hands on Owner Operator. Motel is currently independent and can be franchised again.

Above photos provided by previous ownership